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Financial Advice in Hampshire, Fareham, & Lee-on-the-Solent 

At Sterling & Law – Hampshire, our role as financial advisers is to focus on your specific long-term goals, immediate needs, and objectives. Our IFAs will take the time to understand your personal, family, business & life goals, and any concerns you have about achieving them.

Should your requirement for financial advice involve a significant life event, or change in circumstance, rest assured our experienced independent financial advisers will approach your situation with the upmost level of care, discretion, and professionalism.

Following a free, no obligation 1-hour consultation, our skilled, local financial advisers will then work with you, to form a plan to help you achieve your life  goals or deal with your immediate needs for you, your loved ones, or your business.

Looking for a local financial adviser?

Whether you need pensions advice, a retirement plan, to mitigate inheritance tax (IHT), or a plan to help afford future private school fees, we can help.

Our local IFAs will provide tailored support and whole of market, independent financial advice.

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FCA-regulated, whole of market, financial advice

Impartial, customer focused IFAs. Helping you navigate through each stage of your financial life.

Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs)

Our experienced, independent financial advisers help individuals and business owners with a range of financial matters.

This could be saving for retirement, planning for children’s private school fees, or mitigating inheritance tax.

Furthermore, helping respond to life situations, such as death or divorce, is where a financial adviser will play a crucial role in helping those impacted.

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Ian always provides accurate and well reasoned advice as to how best to proceed with any financial matters we consult him about.

Ian fully understood the situation and gave advice accordingly. Very flexible and responsive. Great admin support as well from his team.

Ian took the details of all pensions & sorted everything, taking away the headache of not knowing what to do. I am satisfied with his advice.

Accessible, affordable financial advice 

Whether you are focused on accumulating wealth, planning for retirement, looking to consolidate your pensions, or focused on some immediate or long-term financial concerns, our local IFAs can help.

Financial Planning

Our experienced financial planners will work with you to understand your goals, and life plans. 

From there the financial planning process can be aligned specifically to the future you desire.

Whether you are looking to accumulate wealth, plan for your children’s education, buy a retirement property or have multiple incomes, our financial planners have the experience to help you reach these goals.

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Wealth Management

Our wealth management advice helps those with investible assets to develop a plan, aligned to their overall financial goals.  Typically we work with families,, and business owners, who require an expert to manage their wealth, whilst they tend to their busy lives.

Our wealth management service covers pensions, investment funds, shares, property, and more. For business owners looking to accrue wealth whilst mitigating taxes, we can recommend a range of ethical tax-efficient investments.

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 Experienced local IFAs covering Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent & Hampshire.

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 Financial Advisers for Later Life & Retirement

Pensions, retirement planning, equity release & inheritance tax advice

Our financial advisers work with a range of individuals, each with their own unique goals, challenges and circumstances. Those planning for, approaching, or at the point of retirement often require the advice and ongoing expertise of a pensions adviser, retirement planner or IHT specialist.

 Looking toward retirement and how to fund your desired lifestyle? Unclear about your current inheritance tax position?

Find out how our financial advisers can help.

Pensions Advice

Those requiring pensions advice will be in safe hands at Sterling & Law Hampshire. Our pensions advisers will review and recommend the best approach to match your financial and retirement objectives.

There are three stages to retirement where our pensions advisers will play a crucial role in helping you have the retirement you desire. Our pensions advisers are here to help. Whether you are planning for, nearing, or in retirement, talk to an experienced pension adviser today about your needs.

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Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning service helps those looking to map out and prepare for their ideal retirement. Retirement planning is so much more than just paying into a pension, for45-50 years and awaiting the outcome.

Our experienced retirement planners, will work with you develop a plan, aligned with your goals. For many assets are just as important as income in retirement. For some, they simply wish to invest their money to realise a substantial retirement income, in a tax-efficient way.

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Our experienced financial advisers will develop an estate plan, aligned to our personal desires and wishes. Even experienced investors and the financially shrewd often aren’t aware of the ethical mechanisms to mitigate inheritance tax.

Why potentially pay a considerable percentage of your estate to HMRC if you don’t have to. Our estate planners and IHT advisers will help structure your estate and IHT liabilities in the most tax efficient way.

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Equity Release Advice

Looking to unlock cash from your property? Talk to us about Equity Release. Equity Release is a way of releasing part of the value of your property into cash. There are no constraints on how the money can be used – you are free to spend it as you wish.

You may be looking to help a loved one get on the property ladder, go travelling, enjoy a little extra money in your pocket, or fund some home improvements.

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Other financial advice services

Life Cash Flow Modelling

Talk to us today about our industry-leading personal cash flow modelling software and services. Should you overpay on your mortgage or pay into a pension? What will your net worth be in 10, or 20 years? Will you be able to afford and have the things you crave?

By using advanced cash flow modelling software, we can visualise and help plan for your personal financial future. Whilst life happens, and plans need to change our cash flow models can be easily updated and changed to reflect an inheritance received, or in unfortunate cases, significant life changes like death and divorce.

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Mortgage Advice

Whether you are a first time buyer, a property investor or looking to remortgage, our experience local mortgage advisers can help. Buying a property can be stressful. Let’s alleviate some of that stress, by finding you the best mortgage for your needs and circumstances.

As independent mortgage advisers, we cover the whole of the mortgage market and you will not restricted to a small pool of options, meaning choice and the best possible deal for you.

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Business & Personal Protection

An unfortunate truth about life is that events occur that have negative and life-changing consequences. For business owners, the death of a partner or the ill-health of a key board member could have catastrophic consequences.

Our business protection experts will help you understand the plans available such as shareholder protection, and key person cover, helping you to get protected against life’s uncertainties.

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Looking to speak to an experienced independent financial adviser?

 Experienced local IFAs covering Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent & Hampshire.

Call now on: 01329 550 190

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Through our commitment to helping our audiences improve their financial education, the Sterling & Law – Hampshire team regularly publishes short, informative videos on our YouTube channel.

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