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Free Financial Seminars & Education

For many, the world of pensions, financial planning, and wealth preservation is a mystery. Many are unaware of the opportunities available and exactly how to achieve their financial goals.

Our financial seminars aim to reduce this knowledge gap and arm people with expert information gained from over 30 years experience in this sector.

Sterling & Law – Hampshire guides hundreds of individuals towards their life goals and through periods of uncertainty, through accessible, affordable financial advice.

In times of economic and political uncertainty, people are often fearful of what the future may hold. Our role as financial advisers is to help people navigate this uncertainty towards the financial future they crave.

Our free financial seminars are an extension of our services, and are delivered by experienced, local independent financial advisers.

Quarterly wealth preservation, pensions, and financial presentations

Over the course of 2022, the team at Sterling & Law – Hampshire will be delivering a series of financial seminars and wealth presentations.

These free, educational financial seminars offer people invaluable insights into the world of pensions, investments wealth management, and financial planning.

If you are looking to improve your financial literacy, find out more about our forthcoming seminars and book your place!

We look forward to meeting you.


 Our Free Financial Seminars in 2022

We currently have two forthcoming financial seminars covering wealth preservation and one specific to the education sector. All of our financial seminars are delivered by experienced, local IFAs.

If you are looking for a free financial or wealth seminar in Hampshire, find out more about our upcoming events.

Free Wealth Preservation Seminar

A free 2-hour wealth preservation seminar covering inheritance tax, estate planning, and wealth protection.

Find out more

Navigating the Teachers’ Pension Scheme 

A free 2-hour seminar aimed at helping teachers understand the TPS and the benefits they receive.

Find out more

Why attend one of our seminars?

There are plenty of reasons to attend a financial presentation. They include:

  • Free opportunity to improve your financial literacy
  • Networking & meeting new people – connect with like minded individuals
  • Gain knowledge from an experienced financial professional
  • Improve your financial future

Our spaces are limited, so if you are looking to attend a financial presentation, book your free place today.

Your specialist seminar presenters. 

Our seminar presenters are experienced, FCA-regulated local independent financial advisers.

With over 30 years of collective experience, these sessions are highly valuable and offer incredible insights into the world of pensions, wealth management, and inheritance tax planning.

Ian Batterbee, Practice Principal & IFA

Ian is an respected, trusted IFA with over 25 years’ financial services experience. One of Ian’s skills, is his ability to communicate complex financial matters to his clients.

Further to that, Ian’s calm approach , coupled with his experience, helps his clients, resist the urge to make emotional & potentially damaging financial decisions

George Rashbrook, Financial Adviser

George has been a financial adviser since 2005. He specialises in areas of sophisticated technical advice and is a Teachers’ Pension Scheme specialist.

George is knowledgeable in all areas of pension planning including Workplace Pensions with a particular specialism in Public Sector pension advice.

Financial Seminar FAQs

Free financial seminars - what's the catch?

Fair question. Often people don’t feel you ever get anything for free in life. These free financial seminars are designed to help individuals improve their financial literacy and knowledege.

We are a commercial business, but there is no selling on the day – no sales pitch at all.

Where the content is so invaluable and insightful, we are often approached by individuals privately after the event to offer advice, or to support them with their financial affairs. Through imparting our knowledge we build trust – a huge factor that determines whether an individual chooses to work with a local IFA.

How often do you run your seminars?

Our weatlh preservation seminar is delivered quarterly and has 25 spaces per session. Our Teachers’ pension and retirement seminars are run on an adhoc basis; either delicvered in school or at an alternative location.

We can also eliver bespoke presentations to businesses, networking groups, and more covering topcs such as:

  • Pensions
  • Investments
  • Financial planning


What are the benefits of attending your wealth preservation seminar?

The are many advantages and benefiits to attending one our free wealth managemen seminars.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Free opporuntiy to learn from and pick the brains of a local IFA
  • A chance to network and meet new people
  • Improve you financial knowledge and literacy
  • Build a clearer understanding of you financial future
  • Gai actionable financial insights
  • It’s free. This is an educational event with no direct sales pitch

What will I learn at your financial seminars?

That depends on which one your attend. Currently we have a wealth preservation seminar and one focused on the Teacher’s Pension Scheme.

In our wealth preservation seminar you will learn valuable information covering estate planning, IHT, protecting your assets from the costs of long term care, leaving and rececing an inheritance.

Our Teacher’s Pension Scheme seminar focuses on helping those working in the education sector to better understand the scheme they are in and the associated benefits.

Are your presenters hired in or are they actually financial advisers?

Our presenters are FCA-regulated independent financial advsiers. We don’t hire actors or paid presenters.

As we said, our seminars are designed to help people improve their financial literacy and education. These free financial seminars are not sales pitches. However, we often find peoople naturally approach us to help them on a range of financial matters.

Can I speak to one of your financial advisers at the event?

Of course, our local IFAs are accesible and very apprioachable. There are Q&A sessions and, for those looking to ask questions prviately, you can catch one of our financial advisers at the end.

Our wealth preservation seminar also includes a free lunch, so you can speak to other attendees and pick the brains of our advisers.


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