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Expert Independent Equity Release Advice

We help individuals and couples looking for specialist Equity Release advice.

If that’s you, our independent Equity Release adviser will guide you through the steps. If you meet the qualifying criteria, an Equity Release adviser could help you unlock cash from your home without having to sell it and move to another property.

Our independent Equity Release advice service will help clarify the things you need to think about. This includes how this might affect your family’s inheritance, tax position, and any benefits you receive. If you are at the stage where you are looking for some impartial advice, contact us today for a free consultation.

Looking for independent advice on Equity Release? Send us an enquiry now to discuss your options with an experienced Equity Release specialist.

Equity Release specialists you can trust

As one of VouchedFor’s Top Rated Financial Advisers for 2023, our Practice Principal Ian Batterbee is an IFA you can trust.

Experienced in offering independent Equity Release advice, he is on hand to guide you through the steps.

Looking to release equity from your home? Talk to us today.

Trusted Equity Release Advice

Our independence means we offer impartial advice. Consequently, we are not tied to a small group of lenders or products.

This allows us to deliver bespoke, ethical, whole-of-market advice, with you the customer in mind, not us.

With Equity Release, the funds you release from your property can be used for a multitude of things, without restriction.

This could be funding a deposit for a loved one’s first home, travel, or even some much-desired home improvements.

How can our independent equity release advisers help you?

As Equity Release specialists, we will be able to guide you through the process. If you are looking to release equity from your house, talk to us today. Our advisers provide fully impartial, independent advice on equity release and lifetime mortgages.

Our Equity Release specialists will: 


  • Work with you know if you are eligible and whether Equity Release is the right financial choice for you
  • Recommend the right product for you, based on your own specific requirements and needs
  • Provide a detailed projection of the total lifetime costs associated, and any other financial considerations
  • Answer all of your questions creating peace of mind, and the knowledge you are working with a trusted IFA
  • Consider your other investments and provide balanced advice on your best options

Need advice?

Experienced local Equity Release advisers covering Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent & Hampshire.

Independent Equity Release Advice

Knowing where to go to for independent advice on Equity Release can be a minefield.

Our independent Equity Release Adviser, and practice principal, Ian Batterbee will guide you through the process, step by step, at a pace suited to your needs.

Why work with Sterling & Law?

Releasing equity from your property can be a big decision. An experienced independent adviser for Equity Release will:

  • Offer whole-of-market advice as they are not tied to any lender or product
  • Make product recommendations, and will arm you with all of the facts
  • Consider your other investments and guide you on any financial considerations
  • Act as fully independent, impartial guide, offering you the right Equity Release advice for your needs


Helping you release equity from your home

If you are considering releasing equity from your property, always seek independent financial advice.

With over 25 years’ financial services experience, our practice principal and IFA, Ian Batterbee is on hand you through the Equity release process.

As one of VouchedFor’s Top-Rated Financial Advisers for 2022, with Ian you will receive impartial, independent, credible advice and guidance on your Equity Release options

Ian Batterbee – Equity Release Adviser

Ian is a respected, trusted IFA with over 25 years of financial services experience.

One of Ian’s skills is his ability to communicate complex financial matters to his clients.

Further to that, Ian’s calm approach, coupled with his experience, helps his clients resist the urge to make emotional & potentially damaging financial decisions.

If you would like to have a conversation about Equity Release with a trusted, approachable financial adviser, contact Ian today.

Talk to a Equity Release adviser today!

Experienced local Equity Release advisers covering Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent & Hampshire.

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Looking for independent advice on equity release

Releasing equity from your home is a significant decision for you and your family.

Take the time to get armed with the facts before making a decision.

Here are come things to consider:

  • Take independent advice and speak to an IFA or approved broker
  • Consider the alternatives such as downsizing to a smaller home
  • Use an accredited provider to protect your property and finances
  • Consider borrowing in stages as you could pay less interest over time

For a free no-obligation discussion, send us an enquiry today.

What is Equity Release and how does it work?

Here are some questions we are commonly asked by individuals looking to learn more about Equity Release.

What is Equity Release?

Equity Release is a method of unlocking part of the value of your property into cash. There are no constraints on how the money can be used – you are free to spend it as you wish. For those aged 55 or over, you could be eligible to release equity using a lifetime mortgage, which is a loan taken out against your home. Your home remains yours. There is no transfer of ownership, and you can stay in it as long as you like.

How does Equity Release work?

Equity release allows homeowners, over 55, to access the value tied up in their property without selling it. Funds can be released either as a lump sum or in smaller amounts over time. The loan, along with accrued interest, is typically repaid from the property’s sale when the homeowner passes away or moves into long-term care.

What can I use the money for?

One of the greatest advantages of Equity Release is the money can be used as you wish. This could include holidays & travel, financial gifts to your children, that motorbike you’ve always wanted, or some home improvements. Also, If you have children, it’s a fantastic way of helping them get on the property ladder.

How do I release equity from my home?

Firstly, releasing equity from your property is a big decision. That’s why you should always speak to a Equity Release specialist before making any decisions. A reputable Equity Release adviser will take the time to understand your financial situation, eligibility, and will give you the right advice, tailored to your situation.

Can Equity Release be used to reduce an inheritance tax bill?

Yes, equity release can be used to reduce and inheritance tax bill as it reduces the value of your estate. However, we recommend seeking professional advice before making any decisions. Inheritance tax is a complex topic, and reducing or avoiding it entirely requires careful planning. 

Looking for advice on Equity Release?

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