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At Sterling & Law Hampshire, our local independent financial advisers in Hampshire listen to what’s important to you and act in your interests.  Our local IFAs will take the time to understand your personal, family, business & life goals and any concerns you have about achieving them.

Following a complimentary 1-hour consultation, our skilled, local independent financial advisers will work with you, to form a plan to help you achieve these goals and aspirations; for you, your loved ones, or your business.

Whether you need pensions advice, a retirement plan, to mitigate inheritance tax (IHT), or a plan to help afford future private school fees, our experienced independent financial advisers in Hampshire can help.

Our expert IFAs provide tailored support and whole-of-market, independent financial advice.

Trusted, qualified & award-winning IFAs 

At Sterling & Law – Hampshire, our local IFAs offer the highest level of customer service to our clients. As one of VouchedFor’s Top Rated Advisers for 2023, our Practice Principal, Ian Batterbee has secured dozens of 5-star reviews.

If you are looking for an FCA-regulated, local IFA in Fareham or Lee-on-the-Solent, with Sterling & Law – Hampshire you are in safe hands.

Looking for an independent financial adviser?

Whether you need pensions advice, a retirement plan, to mitigate inheritance tax (IHT), or a plan to help afford future private school fees, we can help.

Our local IFAs will provide tailored support and whole of market, independent financial advice.

Find out more about how our financial advisers can help.

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Proactive, tailored financial advice and planning

At Sterling & Law Hampshire, we are proactive in how we deliver ongoing independent financial advice.

Communication and regular contact with our customers is key to providing ongoing, long-term tailored financial advice and support.

Through an informed, relationship-based approach, your independent financial adviser will review and highlight new opportunities to achieve your long-term goals.

Experienced IFAs  – helping you react to life events

A death in the family, divorce or sudden unemployment, can leave people feeling vulnerable and not knowing what course of action to take.

Where should you invest an unexpected inheritance?

How do you manage your family’s finances after the death of a partner, wife or husband? What happens if a business partner is taken ill, suddenly?

If you need advice, contact our independent financial advisers in Hampshire today!


Why work with us?

If you are thinking about working with an IFA, here are key reasons you should. Our independent financial advisers:

  • Offer whole of market, unrestricted advice
  • Help you meet your investment goals
  • Work with you to formulate a savings plan
  • Understand your aims and find the right combination of assets for you
  • Keep you on track toward your life and financial goals
  • Help you plan for a happy, financially secure retirement
  • Work with you in times of financial adversity


Looking to speak to an experienced local financial adviser?

Experienced local IFAs covering Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent & Hampshire.

Call now on: 01329 550 190

Independent Financial Advisers in Fareham & Lee-on-the-Solent

Many of us worry about our financial future but are unsure on the best mix of investments to achieve the one we desire.

Our fully independent financial advisers will help you plan for your future, alleviating the worry and enabling you to relax and enjoy your life knowing you are in safe hands.

The Different Types of Financial Advice We Offer

Financial advice covers a broad range of disciplines. Our expert financial advisers in Hampshire are skilled in a range of areas.

What do our independent financial advisers do?:

Searching for an experienced independent financial adviser?

Experienced local IFAs covering Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent & Hampshire.

Call now on: 01329 550 190

Client testimonial

Watch what our customers have to say about working with Sterling and Law Hampshire.

We are proud to receive such detailed, and clear feedback on why working with our financial advisers has helped them towards their financial goals and objectives.

Ian always provides accurate and well reasoned advice as to how best to proceed with any financial matters that we have consulted him about. Ian has helped me to understand and set up a robust retirement plan as well diverse investment strategy.

Fast, affordable, financial advice. Get in touch today, for your free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I never really hear from my current adviser, how do you communicate with your clients?

Unfortunately, we hear this a lot.

If you feel you are having a bad experience with your current adviser or are unclear on what is being delivered on your behalf, you will be pleased to hear our service is very different indeed.

Firstly, we have a dedicated support team of financial professionals who work with our advisers to ensure you are kept updated and well looked after. Your adviser will conduct yearly reviews and communicate regularly.

Secondly, we send out educational, informative financial guides and articles that will keep you well-informed and safe in the knowledge you are dealing with a team of trusted professionals. 

Are your independent financial advisers FCA-regulated?

Yes, absolutely. Our independent financial advisers are FCA-regulated.

Furthermore, our advisers are experienced in a broad range of specialist areas and assist individuals in complex matters usually covering IHT, estate planning, tax, pensions and equity release.

Our advisers are experienced and regularly receive positive feedback from their clients.

How do I choose a good independent financial adviser?

When choosing an IFA, here are some attributes to look for.

A good independent financial adviser will have a solid track record. They will be experienced in a broad range of areas; investments, estate planning, pensions, inheritance tax, financial planning and equity release.

They will communicate regularly and be proactive. The best financial advisers will be able to communicate complex financial matters in easy-to-understand terms. At Sterling & Law – Hampshire, this is what or advisers pride themselves on in addition to offering accurate advice, and tailored support. 

Trusted, reputable IFAs will have a transparent fee structure and should have a clear investment proposition.

What does an independent financial (IFA) adviser do?

An independent financial adviser (IFA) assists individuals and families with a range of matters. 

This includes helping plan for their retirement, invest in a pension or help them with some long-term financial planning. Furthermore, an adviser supports people in complex areas such as inheritance tax, equity release, estate planning and tax. 

Additionally, an IFA supports those who are dealing with a change of financial circumstance or a significant life event. This includes divorce, death of a family member, business partner or ill health.

How much do independent financial advisers charge?

Typically, IFAs charge a yearly fee for funds under management. This is a percentage of the funds they are managing on behalf of a client. 

At Sterling & Law – Hampshire, there are three clear parts to our process.

The first is meeting with you and finding out about the nature of your requirements. This initial consultation is complimentary – no charge from us. The second is creating your financial plan. The third is the ongoing relationship, advice, management and maintenance of your plan.

Any costs for managing your investments or creating a financial plan will be discussed with you by your adviser. For ad-hoc services, typically advisers charge a set fee.

What’s the difference between an independent financial adviser and one who is ‘restricted’?

An IFA has access to the whole of the investment market. Their role is to offer impartial advice, focused on the client’s specific needs. 

A ‘restricted’ financial adviser will only be able to offer advice and subsequently recommend a smaller pool of pensions and investments. 

Ask yourself this question: Is it better to work with someone who can access and recommend pensions and investments from the whole of the market or one who can’t?


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