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At Sterling & Law – Hampshire we offer a specialist pension advice service. With people expected to live longer, many individuals will need to fund a retirement well in excess of the usual 20 years. Changes to government legislation over time mean individuals and families may need to address their long-term retirement plans. This is why receiving pension advice could be more critical than ever,

Our experienced pension advisers can help you evaluate your current position, in line with your overall retirement and wealth goals. An experienced, local pension adviser will help you how to plan for any shortfalls, and how to best achieve your goals. 

Our pension advice service helps people at the start of their journey in investing for their futures, as well as those nearing, at the point of or in retirement. Whether you require specialist pension advice or need to consolidate a range of existing schemes into one manageable fund, we are here to help. Enquire now, and one of our pension advisers will contact you to discuss your requirements. 

Trusted local pension advisers in Lee-on-the-Solent & Fareham

At Sterling & Law – Hampshire, our experienced, local pension advisers provide an exceptional level of service.

As one of VouchedFor’s Top Rated Advisers for 2023, our Practice Principal, and pensions advice specialist, Ian Batterbee has received dozens of 5-star reviews.

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Looking for advice on your pensions?

Our pension advisers are proud to receive such positive feedback from our clients.

Watch and listen to what this longstanding customer has to say about working with Sterling & Law – Hampshire’s independent pension advisers. Our IFAs are:

  • Fully independent and experienced
  • Local, and knowledgeable
  • Friendly, and approachable

If you require advice, oat at this stage, simply need us to answer a question, we are here to help.

Our Pension Advice Service

Often individuals passively accept whatever pension they receive. They pay into a personal or workplace pension and await the outcome.

An experienced pension adviser will provide a structured and planned plan to help ascertain the level of income you think you will need in retirement.

From there, your pension adviser will provide recommendations and a structured plan to help you achieve your retirement income goals.

Pension Planning

Sterling & Law – Hampshire’s experienced independent pension advisers will work with you to develop a plan, aligned with your retirement needs and goals. As tax-efficient investments, pensions offer a range of benefits in addition to providing an income in retirement.

Effective pension advice allows you to:

  • Consolidate all of your existing pension plans
  • Review the wider role of your savings and investments
  • Set an appropriate risk/return profile for any investments made

Independent Pension Advisers

Our FCA-regulated independent pensions advisers will work with you to understand your life and retirement goals. 

By understanding your goals, attitudes to risk, and other investments you have, they will advise on the right plan for you.

Whether you are investing for retirement, or are looking to take a lump sum from your pension in the future to fund other investments we can help. 

We work with you to achieve your goals, not ours. Everything starts with a conversation so if your are ready,  talk to one of our local pensions advisers today.

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Local, experienced pension advisers in Fareham & Hampshire

Many of us worry about our financial future but are unsure on the best mix of investments to achieve the one we desire.

Our fully independent pensions advisers will help you plan for your future, alleviating the worry and enabling you to relax and enjoy your life knowing you are in safe hands.

Ian Batterbee, Pension Adviser

Laura Bailey, Financial Adviser for Pensions

Looking for a pension advice service?

Experienced local IFAs covering Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent & Hampshire.

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Why invest in a pension?

There are many reasons to invest in a pension. They include:

  • Later life income – securing your finances for when you retire
  • Tax – pensions are a tax-efficient investment and form part of a balanced portfolio
  • Government contributions – in addition to your investment, the government contributes to your pension at your prevailing tax rate.
  • Tax planning for business owners – business owners who use company cash to invest in a pension, are offered corporation tax advantages
  • Retirement planning – pensions are often critical to a financially stable retirement. Start investing early!

Videos & Insight from Sterling & Law – Hampshire

Looking to learn more about pensions?

Through our commitment to helping our audiences improve their financial education, the Sterling & Law – Hampshire team regularly publishes short, informative videos on our YouTube channel.

Pension planning for couples in 90 seconds

Are you at risk by not understanding your pension?

Looking to speak to an experienced pension adviser?

Experienced local IFAs covering Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent & Hampshire.

Call now on: 01329 550 190

Customer testimonial

Watch what our clients have to say about working with Sterling and Law Hampshire.

We are proud to receive such detailed, and clear feedback on why working with our pensions advisers has helped them towards their financial goals and objectives.

Ian sent for the forecast on my three pensions and spent a considerable amount of time on the phone to me explaining my options. he was patient and very clear in his explanations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a pension adviser do?

This really depends on your needs and requirements. Below are a few examples of the work a pension adviser carries out on behalf of their clients.

Firstly, if you are starting your journey towards retirement, they can help you to start investing in a pension aligned t your attitudes to risk. 

Secondly, if you have multiple pensions and are looking to consolidate them, a pension adviser will walk you through the steps, and the process of consolidating your pensions into one plan.

Lastly, if you are nearing retirement, a pension adviser can give you advice on taxes, and how to use your pension fund to finance your later years.

These are just a few examples of where an experienced pension adviser will support you best.


How much do pension advisers charge?

Typically, this is a percentage of the total pension fund they manage for you.

At Sterling & Law Hampshire,  our charges are transparent, and your adviser will discuss these with you. You are not tied into a contract with us and there are no penalty charges should you wish to work with another firm.

Where can I get advice on my pensions?

We recommend getting advice from an experienced financial adviser. Furthermore, we recommend finding an adviser who either specialises in, or has significant experience offering pensions advice.

Investing in a pension can be a simple process. However, there are many complexities and situations where an experienced adviser can provide crucial support.

What are the different types of pensions?

There are various types of pensions. They are mainly categorised as defined benefit (please note we don’t deal with final salary pensions), defined contribution, and the state pension.

Defined contribution pensions are referred to as workplace pensions, private pensions, personal and stakeholder pensions.

There are also SIPPs  – which are Self Invested Personal Pensions.

What is the UK pension annual allowance for 2022 /2023?

This is an important question for those looking to make significant investments toward their retirement without incurring taxes. It is also an important question for those with investable assets who may wish to explore other investment opportunities.

The pension Annual Allowance is the maximum amount that you, your employer, and any third party can contribute to your pension plans in a tax year.

The current standard Annual Allowance is £40,000, and exceeding it can result in a tax charge. This allowance will remain unchanged for the 2022-23 tax year.

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