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Retirement Planning Advisers in Hampshire

The importance of receiving retirement planning advice has never been greater. People are living longer, and individuals may need to fund a retirement well in excess of the usual 20 years. Tailored advice from our independent retirement planners can ensure you are and remain on the path towards the life you desire. 

Whether you are pre, at the point of, or currently in retirement, we can help. Our retirement planning specialists, are on hand to talk you through the options that best fit your financial means and desires for later life.

Whether you are looking for tailored retirement planning advice, or simply have a question or two, contact our friendly, local financial advisers today.

Everything starts with a conversation. Our experienced retirement planning specialists are on hand to help.

Retirement planning advice you can trust

Our retirement planning specialists provide the highest level of customer care and service. If you are looking for a retirement planner in Fareham or Lee-on-the-Solent, with Sterling & Law – Hampshire you will be in safe hands.

Furthermore, our Practice Principal and retirement income planning specialist, Ian Batterbee is one of VouchedFor’s Top Rated Advisers for 2023.

What will your retirement planner do?

Your dedicated retirement planning specialist will:

  • Take the time to understand your retirement plans
  • Assess your current financial position and whether you are on track
  • Recommend an appropriate mix of investments – pensions, income funds, buy-to-let investments and more
  • Formulate a bespoke retirement plan tailored to your specific goals


The three stages of retirement planning

There are 3 core stages to retirement. Our skilled, experienced retirement income planners will work with you to make the right recommendations whether you are pre, at the point of, or in retirement.


At this stage your retirement planning specialist will help you plan for the financial future and retirement you deserve. Your retirement planner will also work alongside you to understand your long term plans, the retirement you seek and make smart choices and recommendations 

At retirement

If you’re approaching retirement age, or are looking to retire we consider this being ‘at retirement’. If this is you, speak to one of our experienced retirement planning specialists about how to make your later life as tax efficient as possible, the assets you have, and the lifestyle you desire.

In retirement

If you’re at this stage of retirement it’s likely you’ll be focusing on making your money last for the rest of your lifetime. You may well be thinking about your financial legacy – leaving your money to your loved ones, supporting any dependents, and possibly the provision for long-term care.

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Your retirement planning specialists

Many of us worry about our financial future but are unsure on the best mix of investments to achieve the one we desire.

Our fully independent retirement planners and pensions advisers will help you plan for your future, alleviating the worry and enabling you to relax and enjoy your life knowing you are in safe hands.

Ian Batterbee, Retirement Planner

Laura Bailey, Retirement Planning Adviser

Retirement planning advice – helping you plan for your retirement

Our experienced, retirement planners will provide you with robust advice, and support in a number of areas including:

  • Helping you to understand the value of your current assets, and how they can be used to fund your retirement
  • How much and how often you will need to save or invest
  • Pensions – personal, stakeholder, company, self invested personal pensions (SIPPs) and drawdown
  • Making use of your annual allowance, and steering you through the confusing tapered annual allowance for high earners
  • How other savings and investments, such as ISAs, funds, property, equities and more, will help fund your retirement
  • Ensuring your hard-earned savings and money are invested in line with your goals

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We are proud to receive such detailed, and clear feedback on why working with our retirement planners has helped them towards their financial goals and objectives.

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Frequently asked questions

Please find below a concise selection of questions we are often asked.

What is retirement planning?

Retirement planning is the process of preparing for financial independence in your later years. To summarise, it involves estimating expenses, determining potential retirement income sources, and saving and investing to secure your financial future. Effective retirement planning ensures you have sufficient funds to enjoy a comfortable and secure lifestyle post-retirement.

What does a retirement planner do?

A retirement planner helps you create a plan for achieving a financially secure retirement. They assess your financial situation, set realistic retirement goals, and devise a savings and investment plan. The benefits of working with a retirement planner include tailored advice, asset allocation, investment risk management, and peace of mind about your financial future.

What are the most common retirement planning mistakes people make?

Some of the most common mistakes include not setting clear retirement goals, starting to save too late, and having unrealistic growth expectations for your investments. These errors can lead to insufficient funds in retirement. Setting defined goals, beginning early, and having realistic expectations are crucial for successful retirement planning.

How much money do I need to retire on?

The amount needed to retire varies based on personal lifestyle choices and your desired standard of living in retirement. A retirement planner can help determine the required savings to meet your income needs in later life, considering factors like life expectancy and potential health care costs.

When should I work with a retirement planner?

Working with a retirement planner is a personal choice, but it’s beneficial if you’re concerned about your financial future. They can provide valuable guidance and strategies at any stage of your life, whether you’re just starting or nearing retirement. Engaging with a retirement planner allows more time for effective planning and investment growth.

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