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Independent mortgage advice in Hampshire 

Searching for mortgage advice in Hampshire? Whether you are buying a home or looking to purchase an investment property, the process of securing a good mortgage can be a challenging experience. With access to all of the lenders in the market place, our mortgage advisers in Hampshire are here to help!

With so many available lenders and mortgage products on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for you and your circumstances. A mortgage is one of the biggest financial commitments you will probably ever make so it’s worth spending the time to get it right. Our mortgage advice service will help you find the best deal for your needs, whilst taking away the stress and worry.

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Whole-of-market mortgage advice in Hampshire 

Our mortgage advisers in Hampshire are independent meaning we can search the whole market for the best product to meet your needs.

Through the support of a specialist, our mortgage advice service can save you time and money.

We’ll research the market to find all available providers and will only recommend the right product that is most suited to your needs.

Why work with us?

Here are some reasons to use our mortgage advice service:

  • The potential to save money on your monthly payments
  • Reducing your mortgage term
  • Advice on income and mortgage protection policies
  • Handling the paperwork and reducing, stress and worry
  • Access to a full range of mortgage products and options

About Sterling & Law – Hampshire

Sterling & Law Hampshire specialises in providing expert financial planning & wealth management services to a range of people across Hampshire.

With offices in Fareham & Lee-on-the-Solent, we are well placed to cover Southampton,  Portsmouth, Gosport, Chichester and The Meon Valley.

If you are looking for a professional, impartial mortgage advice contact us today via our quick contact form.

Professional, local mortgage advice in Hampshire

Buying a new house, apartment or investment property is an exciting time for many.

However, the process is time consuming and many of us are unaware of the complete range of mortgage products and options available to us.

Allow our independent mortgage adviser to find the right product for your needs and requirements.


A local mortgage adviser in Hampshire you can trust

Need a reliable mortgage adviser in Hampshire? Our local experts have in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market and can provide tailored advice to suit your needs.

Whether you’re in Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth, or nearby areas, we’re here to assist you in finding the best mortgage.

One of our IFAs is a qualified adviser, so if you are currently buying a property, click the below link to see how she can help you find the right deal.

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Laura Bailey is a very nice person, is a knowledgeable professional who cares about her clients. She considered all aspects of my life and appeared to ‘have all the time in world’ to help me find the right mortgage for my needs.

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Why are the benefits of getting local mortgage advice in Hampshire?

In a diverse property market like Hampshire, every individual’s requirements can vary significantly based on multiple factors such as property type, location, and personal financial standing. Our local advisers are well versed in the varying range of requirements for our Hampshire based customers – like you!

Tailored, local mortgage advice can be pivotal as it helps you to navigate through these unique local trends. As a result, this helps you secure the best mortgage rates and terms that are specifically aligned with your needs.

Can Sterling & Law assist both homeowners and investors?

Absolutely. Sterling & Law’s mortgage advice service in Hampshire is comprehensive and designed to cater to a broad audience. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced property investor exploring buy-to-let options, we can help.

Our team is equipped with the expertise and resources to provide guidance that helps secure the best deals for all client types.

How does Sterling & Law streamline the mortgage process?

Navigating the mortgage landscape can be daunting. Sterling & Law assists by offering services that reduce potential mortgage terms, providing insights that can may help save on monthly payments.

Our service offers robust advice on protection policies, and expertly handling all the necessary paperwork. This not only simplifies the often-complex mortgage process but also alleviates associated stress, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your home buying journey.

Why should I choose independent mortgage advice in Hampshire?

Independent advisers, like our team in Hampshire, operate without being tied to any particular lender or product. This independence means they can objectively search the entire market, ensuring you get access to the widest range of options.

By doing so, they can recommend products that are best-suited to your unique requirements, which can potentially lead to savings and better mortgage terms.

Which areas in Hampshire does Sterling & Law serve?

Sterling & Law has a strong presence in Hampshire. With our strategic offices located in Fareham & Lee-on-the-Solent, we’re perfectly positioned to serve a broad region. This includes Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth, Gosport, Chichester, The Meon Valley, and other surrounding areas.

This broad reach ensures that a wide range of clients can benefit from our expert advice.

How do you compare with other mortgage advice services in Hampshire?

Sterling & Law stands out in Hampshire because of its independent approach and dedicated focus on client-specific needs.

While other company’s services might be limited by certain lenders or products, Sterling & Law’s independence ensures a comprehensive search of the entire market. This could result in more favourable terms and rates for you.

How often should I reconsider or review my mortgage?

It’s prudent to review your mortgage at regular intervals or towards the end of any fixed-rate periods. Regularly reviewing your mortgage can ensure you remain on the best possible deal and adjust to any changes in your circumstances.

Sterling & Law – Hampshire can help guide you through these reviews, potentially helping you to manage your personal faces efficiently.

Does Sterling & Law – Hampshire  work with first-time buyers?

First-time buyers often face unique challenges and have specific questions. Sterling & Law offers specialised advice, guiding them through the entire mortgage process, ensuring they understand every step and helping them secure the best possible deal.

This tailored approach ensures first-time buyers are set on a successful homeownership journey. If you are a first time buyer, talk to us today.

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