On 21st July 2002, we are delivering the first of our quarterly free wealth preservation seminars. During the lockdowns, we successfully ran a range of webinars and online financial presentations for professional connections, customers, and local business colleagues.

Our focus now is to deliver face to face, free financial seminars for those looking to preserve their wealth, protect themselves against future care costs, and mitigate inheritance tax.

Who should attend this free wealth seminar?

Focused on helping individuals and families improve their financial literacy around complex tax issues, this free 2-hour free financial seminar is perfect for those who:

  • Could be facing a loved one needing long-term care 
  • Are looking to preserve and protect their wealth from unnecessary taxes
  • Wish to leave the financial legacy they desire
  • Are likely to leave or receive an inheritance
  • Would like to reduce their inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities ethically

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Free wealth preservation seminar

What will be covered?

As discussed above, our wealth preservation seminar is designed to help those looking to protect their assets from taxes, and the costs of care.

The topics covered in this free financial seminar are:

  • How to safeguard your assets against potential care costs
  • The different ways you can protect an inheritance for future generations
  • How to ensure your assets reach your children, grandchildren, and intended relatives
  • Whether it is possible to reduce the amount of inheritance tax due on your estate

Why attend our free financial seminar?

In addition to the content delivered on the day, there are plenty of other reasons to attend.

They are:

  • Free access to two local inheritance tax, and estate planning specialists – ask questions, and improve your knowledge for free
  • Networking – meet new people, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Peace of mind – with the new information you’ll have to hand, you can take action and start the process of preserving and protecting your wealth
  • It’s free. This is an educational event with no direct sales pitch

Book your free place at our free wealth seminar today!

Simply follow the link, and book your free seminar ticket today.

Free wealth preservation seminar

Your presenters – two local inheritance tax, wealth preservation and estate planning specialists

This free wealth preservation seminar is in partnership with Churchers Solicitors, a respected, regional law firm.

The two presenters for this session are:

Ian Batterbee, Practice Principal of Sterling & Law – Hampshire

Ian is an experienced local IFA with a specialism in pension, IHT and estate planning. Ian is approachable, accessible and an excellent communicator.

His knowledge coupled with his ability to communicate complex financial matters succinctly, and in an easy to understand way is paramount to how Ian builds long term relationships with his clients and connections.

Connect with Ian on LinkedIn.

Christopher Matthews, Wills & Probate Partner at Churchers Solicitors

Christopher joined Churchers in 2007 and was appointed partner in 2013.

As a senior member of the Wills, Probate and trusts department, Christopher offers a wealth of experience in a wide range of private client work.

Christopher specialises in Inheritance Tax advice and the administration of estates including drafting Wills, setting up and administering Trusts and dealing with Powers of Attorney. 

Connect with Christopher on LinkedIn.

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Free wealth preservation seminar